Midnight ponderings.

I have blogged before, and I enjoyed it so much that I was thinking of new things to blog about in my sleep. That was when I could write faster than I could type. Funny I know. But now all I can do it stare at the screen and pray that I can squeeze out a decent comment for someone else’s blog. So I am going to start new. New blog, new place TO blog.

I use to blog about anything…and on Tuesdays I would blog stories that would make my Grandmother blush. People would flock to my page by the hundreds, (although not all would comment) loving the erotic words that I could spell out for them. I admit I liked the attention, but it got old quick causing my blogging flame to fizzle out.

The one thing I can seem to blog about most all the time is my family. My boys are my life and they provide plenty of things to talk about and it would be nice to get advice from other moms about things like potty training, getting rid of the beloved pasi, and raising a gifted child. This is what I will be blogging about my family. Now maybe I will feel brilliant one day and pull something rather amusing out of my…well you know and try to make you laugh.

We will see what is around the keyboard for me here on WordPress.


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