Two is terrific!

Things move so fast around here that it seems only yesterday I was holding a newborn in my arms. My nine pound, one ounce baby was so heavy in my arms. Today he is two years old, and I never knew I could love a child so much.

When Peyton was born I loved him more than I thought my heart could handle, and wondered if I would ever be able to love anyone as much as I loved him. Then Wyatt came along and it was a love for him like no other. I loved Peyton the same as I always had, but now I had this little baby and loved him so that I never would have imagined I would have anything left in me to give to yet another child. I loved Peyton because he was my first born, my reason I became a Mommy. I loved Wyatt for being my second child, my little blue-eyed angel, that I prayed for for so long.
Then Rhett was here. From the first kick I felt from inside my womb I loved him. Then he was born on a cold February afternoon, and I cried tears of joy. How did I ever live without this tiny person in my life? He is the completion to my family that I never knew I needed. He is my sweet baby and he makes my world a better place. His smile is stunning and he loves everyone he sees. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a child in their life like Rhett. He makes me a better person everyday. I wish for him all the things his little heart desires… and more.
*Just a little side note. This slideshow is of Rhett starting from his first birthday until now. I did one of him from birth to his first birthday last year and I thought the progression from last year to this would be better.*


I’m telling a secret of mine.

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty good parent. No, I will not put myself into a “great” category because I do mess up. I have on occasion told my children that the toy store was closed as we drove by, (hoping that they wouldn’t notice all the cars in the parking lot) because I didn’t want to spend money on things they didn’t need, or the time it took to look for them. I yell,(I SWEAR I’m working on this one. It’s a process) feed them ramen noodles for lunch…or even dinner, and I let them slide Fridays and they don’t have to take a bath. I feel that parenthood is a time for me to learn, as well as change things.

I feel that I am a pretty strict parent. My children are on a pretty tight schedule during the week and must be in bed by 7:30 if they want 30 minutes of TV before bed, because bedtime is at 8. They are not allowed to watch any movies that are over a PG rating unless Chris and I have watched it and have decided that it is okay for them to watch. Spiderman okay, The Dark Knight…NOT okay. They don’t go outside without a parent. We don’t live in a time where it’s okay to let them roam and play without knowing where they are. In 2007 a child was kidnapped just 5 miles from our home, (he went to school with Peyton) and was found dead. So this is something that I don’t budge on. Peyton would love for me to give him a little more room to run but it scares me to death at the thought of something happening to him.

But I have a secret. My five year old Wyatt is a bright and loving child. He is the comedian of our family and I love him to pieces. I am proud of Wyatt this week because he has given up something that has been a comfort to him at bedtime.

His pasi.

Yes he is 5. It lasted too long. I understood his passion for this piece of latex and plastic and I can’t help to think that I could have done more to coax him to get rid of it sooner. I feel like a horrible parent because he kept it so long. I planned on him giving it up before Rhett was born. He was only 3 then, and I DID try to persuade him that he was a big boy and he needed to give his pasi to his baby brother. I thought it had worked until Rhett was born. I asked Wyatt if he was going to give his pasi to his baby brother and he said, “No it’s mine you can buy him his own.” Because we were stirring up his world with a new baby I thought he might act out if I added more to the mix by taking it away from him. So I thought I would do it that summer…..but I didn’t.

I tried everything, telling him that the pasi fairy would like to have his pasi’s and in exchange she would give him a new toy. He wanted to keep the pasi AND get the toy. I tried to make him go cold Turkey, but his screams were keeping the baby awake, as well as the rest of the family. So I finally came to the understanding that he would give it up one day, even if it was his wedding day.

That day came this week! It has been severely cold here on the coast, not normal for this part of Ga. Wyatt has the worst case of chapped lips that I have ever seen on a child. they bleed, and are so cracked. He cries in pain with them and it absolutely breaks my heart. I told Wyatt that the only way his lips were going to get better was if he slept with chapstick on his lips at night and the pasi would rub it off causing them to get worse. I told him that he was a big boy now and he had to let it go.

He said okay. *Hallelujah*

So Sunday night was Wyatt’s first official night without his beloved pasi. He didn’t cry, or have a sleepless night. It was beautiful. Plus his lips have started to heal, and he notices this.

I will never say I’m a perfect parent. I learn everyday from my children and hope that they will help me get through this time with them as best we can. If he kept his pasi way to long then so what, he’s still a good kid. He finally said goodbye on his own terms and is going to be a better child for it, and I’ll be a better parent because of him.

At least yellow is better than RED!

My Wyatt is in kindergarten this year. He loves it. At first I was scared that since he had no school experience he would have a really hard time getting adjusted to the way school works. So far he has done beautifully. He is reading the books that are sent home and knows a whole stack of site words. He is even reading out of a book that we have called Dick and Jane and Friends.

There are times that he falls to the wayside and will bring home something other than a “Green Face”

(Let me take a moment to explain the system they have in place for behavior. It’s a Red light Green light process. Green is good, Yellow means that they had to be warned a couple of times and Red means that the kids didn’t have a very good day having to be reminded to stay on task, to not say “yucky” words and to keep their hands to themselves.)

Today Wyatt climbs into the car his hat askew cheeks rosy from the cold (Being that it was 41 for a high here on the coast!) and proclaims for me to hear, “I got a yellow face today.”

“Wyatt why?” Was what I said. “Because I was playing.” Was what he said.

Nothing unusual.(Although he has been better at staying on task) He is always humming and dancing like he is in his own little world. The first month of school I received a note home everyday saying that he was constantly humming.

What can I say, he has a song in his heart.

So I pull out his agenda from his backpack to see what kind of Note the teacher has sent to tell me exactly what Wyatt had done to deserve a yellow face.

This is what the note said Word for Word:

Wyatt has to be redirected in the mornings about putting his book bag and lunchbox away. However this morning he was really playing. He dumped his stuff on the floor and climbed into his cubby. After Mrs. K told him to come out and put his things away, he put his mittens back on and started turning circles.

I wonder what was going through his head when he decided it would be a good idea to climb into his cubby and close the door. (Their cubbies are little lockers big enough for a small child to easily fit in.) It was all I could do to not laugh and think of an acceptable reply to not only him but his teacher.  Yes I understand that he should have had his mind on what he was suppose to be doing, but I’m not sure I would have been able to contain the laughter watching him climb into his cubby. I’m just glad he didn’t call another child a jacka$$…which is his favorite word to call his older brother when he jumps out from behind the bedroom door to scare him. BTW he learned that word from watching Pinocchio, go figure Disney and his carnival that turned all little boys into braying J.A’s.

So we talked about his playing, took away a favorite toy for the day and we will try again tomorrow. Yellow is only half bad anyway, right?