At least yellow is better than RED!

My Wyatt is in kindergarten this year. He loves it. At first I was scared that since he had no school experience he would have a really hard time getting adjusted to the way school works. So far he has done beautifully. He is reading the books that are sent home and knows a whole stack of site words. He is even reading out of a book that we have called Dick and Jane and Friends.

There are times that he falls to the wayside and will bring home something other than a “Green Face”

(Let me take a moment to explain the system they have in place for behavior. It’s a Red light Green light process. Green is good, Yellow means that they had to be warned a couple of times and Red means that the kids didn’t have a very good day having to be reminded to stay on task, to not say “yucky” words and to keep their hands to themselves.)

Today Wyatt climbs into the car his hat askew cheeks rosy from the cold (Being that it was 41 for a high here on the coast!) and proclaims for me to hear, “I got a yellow face today.”

“Wyatt why?” Was what I said. “Because I was playing.” Was what he said.

Nothing unusual.(Although he has been better at staying on task) He is always humming and dancing like he is in his own little world. The first month of school I received a note home everyday saying that he was constantly humming.

What can I say, he has a song in his heart.

So I pull out his agenda from his backpack to see what kind of Note the teacher has sent to tell me exactly what Wyatt had done to deserve a yellow face.

This is what the note said Word for Word:

Wyatt has to be redirected in the mornings about putting his book bag and lunchbox away. However this morning he was really playing. He dumped his stuff on the floor and climbed into his cubby. After Mrs. K told him to come out and put his things away, he put his mittens back on and started turning circles.

I wonder what was going through his head when he decided it would be a good idea to climb into his cubby and close the door. (Their cubbies are little lockers big enough for a small child to easily fit in.) It was all I could do to not laugh and think of an acceptable reply to not only him but his teacher.  Yes I understand that he should have had his mind on what he was suppose to be doing, but I’m not sure I would have been able to contain the laughter watching him climb into his cubby. I’m just glad he didn’t call another child a jacka$$…which is his favorite word to call his older brother when he jumps out from behind the bedroom door to scare him. BTW he learned that word from watching Pinocchio, go figure Disney and his carnival that turned all little boys into braying J.A’s.

So we talked about his playing, took away a favorite toy for the day and we will try again tomorrow. Yellow is only half bad anyway, right?


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