Two is terrific!

Things move so fast around here that it seems only yesterday I was holding a newborn in my arms. My nine pound, one ounce baby was so heavy in my arms. Today he is two years old, and I never knew I could love a child so much.

When Peyton was born I loved him more than I thought my heart could handle, and wondered if I would ever be able to love anyone as much as I loved him. Then Wyatt came along and it was a love for him like no other. I loved Peyton the same as I always had, but now I had this little baby and loved him so that I never would have imagined I would have anything left in me to give to yet another child. I loved Peyton because he was my first born, my reason I became a Mommy. I loved Wyatt for being my second child, my little blue-eyed angel, that I prayed for for so long.
Then Rhett was here. From the first kick I felt from inside my womb I loved him. Then he was born on a cold February afternoon, and I cried tears of joy. How did I ever live without this tiny person in my life? He is the completion to my family that I never knew I needed. He is my sweet baby and he makes my world a better place. His smile is stunning and he loves everyone he sees. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a child in their life like Rhett. He makes me a better person everyday. I wish for him all the things his little heart desires… and more.
*Just a little side note. This slideshow is of Rhett starting from his first birthday until now. I did one of him from birth to his first birthday last year and I thought the progression from last year to this would be better.*


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