I never thought.

Why is it that my 2 yr old and 1 month old always have the uncanny ability to poop at the same time, 5 minutes before I have to leave to pick up the oldest two from school?

That is my question of the day.

After I picked up the boys from school today I looked in the rear view mirror and saw something I never thought I would see. Four children. When I would day dream about having a family, I would have 2 kids, a boy first and then a girl. I always wanted it that way, the boy before the girl. I wanted my daughter to have an older brother to protect her. I may have gone a bit overboard with the boys but in the end my day dreams fell in line. Now it didn’t all happen in the order that I had thought about. You know the house with the picket fence, dog in the yard, then the kids. I know that it doesn’t have to happen that way in order for me to be happy. I’m pretty freakin’ happy at the moment and I haven’t bought a house yet, and I don’t have that dog or the fence. That’s okay with me. I know that one day I will have the house. Maybe not the dog. I’m not sure I’m ready to take care of a dog so my cat will have to do.
I never thought I would drive a minivan. When Chris first suggested that we think about getting one I thought,”Well at least we will have plenty of room for the boys(at the time 2 boys) friends.” Now that idea is gone with all the seating in the van.
I didn’t think I would ever be “That” Mom. You know the one who wears her slippers to pick up the kids from school? That’s me. Thank goodness I don’t actually have to get out of the car when I pick them up or I would get stares. More often than none lately I have been wearing my PJ bottoms to pick them up as well. A lot of times I forget I have them on as I rush out of the door to pick them up. Oops.
I absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt never expected that I would live my days wondering when someone was going to poop. Or when someone was going to STOP pooping. I can carry on a conversation about poop with anyone and not think that poop might not be what they want to talk about, because to me it’s just life.
I’m sorry if I’ve talked about poop to you, or have said it too many time on this blog right now.
As much as there are these thing I never thought I would do, there is one thing I’m glad I do that I never expected. I never expected to love four people so much in all my life. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love my first born. Then came my second and I loved him just as much as his brother. Their brother came and as soon as he was born I could never imagine what my life was before he was in it. It was like he had always been there.
Then came little girl. She completed what I thought was whole already. She was the missing link, fourth times the charm and all that jazz.
Boy I never thought I’d be where I am, but I’m loving every minute of it!


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