Maybe one day I will be done with diapers…

I tried this summer to potty train Rhett. He didn’t get it and my carpet was suffering way too much to continue, so I stopped. I swear I didn’t want two kids in diapers and yet here I am trying to keep two kids dry and clean all day.
So instead of buying yet another pack of size 4 diapers, we picked up a pack of easy-ups and decided to give them a go. We also got a big bag of Skittles and did a little praying.
Rhett goes potty…he gets a skittle. It seems to be working, with #1 that is. He is still having a hard time getting the concept of putting #2 in the potty. That gets so frustrating. How do you tell a kid AND get them to understand how to poop?
Well this morning I told him that I really wanted him to try. And guess what? HE DID IT!!! So he got a hand full of candy and we called everyone who didn’t mind talking about poop on the phone so he could get praised and feel like he accomplished something big.
Then he did it again tonight!!! Something is sinking in. I hope anyway.
Rhett also tells me tonight as I’m pulling out some Cars undies out of his chest of drawers that he “Hates that kind, and he was going to pee in them.” So I picked out some with Woody on them. We don’t need him peeing in them just because he doesn’t like the ones he is wearing. JEEZ!!!
I hope it goes okay and that he is getting the hang of it because he turns 3 in less than a month.
Here’s to hoping and lots of potty time!


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