It’s my mind that’ll get me in the end.


That’s me. I said that I would try to get a blog posted every day for a month but I didn’t. Rhett got really sick with a fever so between taking care of him and nursing every two hours I kinda let my blog slip in between the cracks.


So now instead of saying, “Of course I’m going to set some unreasonable goal for myself.” I’m going to write a blog when it comes to mind. That’s a much better plan. Otherwise I might as well let pigeons peck out my eyes. That sounds fun.

I always try to get to bed by 11:30pm at the latest now that Bella is here. When I get there my mind wanders and I end up thinking of ways to get Rhett to use the potty, what to cook for dinner and how I would have told off that girl I saw at the grocery store who gave me the stink eye for buying my kids a box of doughnuts.

Don’t judge me.

So I’m laying in bed last night and it’s raining cats and frickin’ dogs outside. Before I went to bed I checked the weather and we were under a tornado warning. I should have never done that, because now I was lying there in bed listening very intently to the rain and wind outside my bedroom window.

That’s when my mind began to wander.

Was that a train noise I heard? Because if it was then there is a tornado coming. Holy shit! How am I going to hold onto both of my babies while the roof of our crappy apartment is ripped off. Oh yea I know I’ll put the baby in my baby carrier. CRAP!! It’s in the van. Oh yea I will lay my fat body on top of both of them, or better yet I’ll lay in the bathtub and have Chris throw our mattress over us, me and the 4 kids sitting in the bathtub with a king size mattress over us. But I’m claustrophobic how will I sit in that tiny tub with all of them……… that’s when I fell asleep,(since it had stopped raining)
And I dreamed of High School.
Damn. My mind is going to take me over one day.


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