Dear Rhett,

Dear Rhett,

You are growing by leaps and bounds. I love hearing you talking and hope you will always call your fingers, “yingers” and your blanket your “uh-uh”. these things make you unique and I love those aspects most of all.

You have become such a great big brother. If Bella cries for more than ten seconds you are at my side telling me to,”Go get her, Bella’s cryin'” You are a master at doing all types of things for Mommy, like fetching diapers for Bella and throwing things in the trash. You will even give Bella her paci if I can’t get to her fast enough. I love how much you love her.

I only want one thing from you my sweet big boy. Give in. Let’s use that potty. Nothing will happen if you poop on the potty, on the contrary you might feel better that you don’t have to hide in your room for some poopy time. You won’t have to wear diapers anymore and get to have some awesome SpongeBob undies just like Wyatt’s. I was heart broken tonight when I saw the panic in your face when I came to your room and asked you what you were doing. You knew I wanted you to use the potty but you just couldn’t do it, and you knew you had been trying but things just weren’t working out for you.

Mommy loves you. My baby boy. You will get it I know you will, just sometime before college please?


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