Dear Bella, Month 6

Dear Isabella,

Let me start by saying six months is such a magical age. You play now, really play. You love to explore every thing around you. I can see your little mind forming with every grasp of the phone, mouse, and anything electronic.

We have hit so so many milestones this week I’m almost too excited to get them all typed out! I don’t want to forget anything, not one tiny piece of information.

This week we went for your 6 months check-up.

Stats:  Weight- 18lbs

Length- 26.5 inches long

You played with the doctor and nurses, and giggled when the Doctor tickled you. You have won our Doctor over so much that she can’t help but sneak in a few kisses during your appointment. You love this. She goo-goo-ed over your pink toenails, and you pulled her stethoscope out of her ears with your kung-fu like grip.

She said you are perfect in every way.

But I knew that.

On Monday(6-21) you started saying Da-Da. This has melted your Daddy’s heart. I knew it would .  He plays with you and you Da-da-da-da to him and sure you might NOT be saying Daddy but I won’t dash his dreams.

Also this week you have decided that if you are sitting I your bed close enough to the rail you will pull yourself up to standing.


Unfortunately, the only way for you to get back down is to fall. Oh you don’t mind, unless I’m watching then turn on the water works! I just help you stand back up and all is right with the world.

We are also working on our crawling skills. Sure you can scoot across the floor on your belly,  but every now and then I’ll catch you up on all fours rocking back and fourth trying your best to get in motion.

All I can say is Watch out Rhett! You are going to be chasing him all over this house in no time.

You love cheerios and real bananas. You tried some Mashed Potatoes this week and gobbled them up and had a treat of a piece of Watermelon tonight and drained it of any liquid it contained.

…and tonight you did something that none of your brother did at 6 months of age.

You cut your first tooth. It’s not highly visible yet, but I can feel it cut on my knuckle as you chew away.

Baby girl, how Mommy loves you so! You light up my life in so many ways.  Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any happier you came in and filled me with light and life and an abundance of love.

Six months is such a wonderful beautiful age and I can’t WAIT to see what the next months have to offer!


Dear Bella, month 4

Dear Isabella,

You have grown by leaps and bounds since I last wrote you. If I could trap time, I would. You are changing so much everyday, sometimes it is hard for me to keep up.

When you were born you weighed a tiny 6lbs 2.4ozs.

Now…16lbs 2ozs. You are such a chubby baby and I love every roll of baby fat!

I would say that you use to never smile and you sat and studied our faces with such an expression and wonderment, but I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth.

You have smiled at me from week one. Now there is something else behind that smile.

A little personality. You know just how to make Mommy stop what she is doing with a little excited squeal.

You know that I will come running even with the house turned upside down to watch you explore your feet and suck on your tiny toes.

You love your feet by the way. In the past month you have had your feet in your mouth for more than 5 hours a day. It’s precious.

I love watching the way you wait with baited breath for your Daddy to look at you from across the room. And when he does you have the biggest smile on your face. I can see you are in love.  You love to wrap your tiny fingers into his beard and rub his face and nuzzle his neck to find just the right spot to fall into a deep sleep. I have always wanted to see a baby girl with her daddy. I have heard rumor of how a girl loves her daddy like no other, and you do not disappoint.

Lately you have learned how to hold onto toys, hair,(which your brothers have been very patient with the hair pulling you do!) and faces. I love the way you hold your hands up on my cheeks when I lean down to give you a kiss, and the way your eyes get all squinty when my hair tickles the side of your face.

I say everyday, (because your Daddy reminds me that I do) that I am still in awe that you are in our lives I cherish every day we have with you and am so looking forward to seeing what every new day bring to us with you in our lives.

10 Things I Hate About You.

I don’t usually hate anything. I feel it takes too much energy to hate something. I watched a video on youtube where a guy sits and goes on and on and on about all the things he hates.

I can’t believe that he actually liked to breathe.

However lately, there is one person in my life who drives me mad. I’m suppose to love this person, she did after all birth me.  I don’t.

Love her I mean.

Everyday I pray to God to make me a better person. For him to help me be humble, forgiving, and graceful, grateful, loving of everyone.

However there are things that build up inside of me until I am about to explode. All stemming back to her.


So I thought a list, (yea a list of 1oo things 10 things that she does that grind my gears) would help calm my nerves a bit. Maybe I can get past them and MOVE ON.

1.) I hate it when you call me a hundred times a day. You ask me things like ,”What day is it?”, or “How do I turn on my computer?” If I don’t answer on the FIRST call, you call back 30 minutes later…and 30 minutes after that…and 30 minutes after that. When you do FINALLY leave a message you say, “It’s just me your crazy/neurotic/ not on her meds today Mother. I didn’t really want anything important so call me later.” However on the 100th call you say, ” I hope everyone is okay and you must be mad at me so I’m not going to call you anymore until you call me back.”

Here’s the thing. I HAVE A LIFE! I have four children and a husband, AND a house to take care of. I don’t have time to answer your calls every damn time you call me. I’ll call when I get the chance.

2.) I hate it when you play dumb.  I know you are not dumb. It’s your way of having everyone in your life do things for you. You are not dumb you are lazy. I guess I should thank you for this because it has taught me to be a strong woman and to do anything and everything on my own.   If you are going to live alone, you need to be able to take care of yourself. This means being able to log into your computer and on your e-mail. This means being able to move furniture around or to turn on the TV. Do you really want someone to take care of you? Well then the only way that’s going to happen is if you go to the nursing home. Welcome to being the youngest at Bingo Night.

3.)  I hate the way you want to talk all the time about how you treated me as a child. I hate the excuses you give. The only thing I should hear about that time in my life was how sorry you were that you were not the mother you should have been. How you are sorry for not letting me live with my Daddy, or how you stole my childhood one slap, punch, point of a gun, choke of the neck hit with a curtain rod at a time. I don’t want to re-live it nor do I want to cuss you out and tell you what a shitty mother you are. I’m not a mean person. I’m having a hard enough time typing THIS out without feeling like a huge douche bag.

4.) I hate it when you tell me you love me, and when you call me hon. I’m NOT your hon. I will never be. You NEVER told me you loved me (and I felt it was genuine) EVER.  There are a handful of people on this earth that can tell me they love me and it feels real. I only tell a few people on this earth that I LOVE THEM and mean it. If I say I love you to someone it is from the bottom of my heart and I mean it.  When it comes out of my mouth to you it makes me sick. I don’t mean it and I hate having to say it.

5.) I hate the way you gossip about people. The way you tell me that if so and so was dead you would travel far to spit on their grave.  Yet you don’t understand why some people don’t like you.

6.)  I hate the way you are about my brother, your son.  He sometimes has the deck stacked against him, yet above it all he makes it. Gracefully. Without you. He has done more than I ever could have done as far as you are concerned and you will never be able to convince me to be on any side but his.

7.) I hate the way I feel when I get off the phone with you. That is one of the reasons I don’t answer the phone when you call. You bring me down, depress me and my kids can feel it in my mood.  Hello misery, I know you love company but I don’t want to come over.  My kids need me to be the best I can be for them and when I’m around you I’m not the best I can be.

8.)I hate the way you try to put  guilt trips on me. They don’t work. Your efforts are lost on my hard heart. Maybe long ago when I was a stupid teenager I would  have fallen for your sob stories but not anymore. So waste your energy somewhere else.

9.) I hate when you call me for advice, and when I give you a few suggestions to help with whatever it is you are asking about you shoot it down. Don’t call me for help if it’s not what you want to hear/do. I don’t have the time to waste trying to find that magic number that is going to make you happy.

10.) I hate the way you always want to know how much money I have, or how much money Chris makes. If you don’t really care the STOP ASKING. It’s rude. Besides the fact that I know you have issues with money and if you know I have a dime you are going to want it.  I will be glad to tell you how much money I DON’T have. It’s the same amount you screwed me and my family out of when you had to sell your house. It’s the same amount you took lout of my kids mouth and the SAME amount that I don’t have for the down payment on our new house. Incidentally, it’s the same amount you forget about, that pisses Chris off when you want to play mother-in-law of the year.

Stop and think about why I feel this way. Don’t ask me why and play dumb when I tell you. Don’t blame it on memory loss when you can remember plenty of other mundane things. Don’t cop-out. Own up to the fact that you screwed up and might not be able to make up for it.  Trying to do better is a start.

Fresh Jawjah peaches for a Ga princess..

Every now and again I will say to myself,” Even though I have 4 children… one never ceases to amaze me with something new.”

Some would say that all kids are the same, but they are not.

Take my oldest for example. when he was a baby he loved to eat. Baby cereal by the bowlfuls, and jars of food, you name it he ate it. On top of that as he grew into a toddler he would forgo the utensils and shovel hand over fistfuls of food into his mouth. We could sit and watch him eat for our dinner entertainment. He still loves to eat my almost 11 year old tween. As the three boys get older I might have to take out a loan or plant a serious garden to feed them.

Now my baby girl is the COMPLETE opposite.

Most doctors say that it is okay to start your baby eating rice cereal at 4 months. Baby girl was having no part of rice cereal. No matter how I mixed it, breast milk, formula, apple juice, cold or hot,  It didn’t matter. She didn’t want it.

So I held off. She is getting everything she needs from me anyway. Baby food is just to teach her how to eat for now. It’s not for a nutritional value.

Month 5 rolled around and this time we tried baby oatmeal. And well she liked it okay but only if I mixed it with pears and a small amount of bananas.

At 5 and a half months we were eating at a Mexican restaurant one day and she was eying the guacamole. So I thought she would like to try some of the avacado.

She loved it!  She loved Black beans too. Both of which are not bad for her. Again she wasn’t getting any more than maybe a teaspoon total of both but the fact was, was that she was eating something.

Here we are at 6 months, and Baby girl has tried rice and oatmeal cereal. Jarred green beans, applesauce, bananas, pears, squash, and sweet potatoes.

Her favorite in that category would be green beans, and pears.

She has also tried and loved to pieces, avocado, black beans, black-eyed peas, peaches, (fresh jaw-jah peaches, only the best!)  bananas. (All of these foods listed have been mushed up by me and not from the jar.)

I think baby girl is trying to tell me something. She wants the real deal.  None of this pansy food from a jar. She is a princess and they only eat the real stuff.

Yes I KNOW that jarred baby food is the real deal, but you try telling her that!

On a side note. Baby girl ate a real Georgia peach today and cried when it was all gone. There is nothing sweeter than watching your little peach eat her first peach. It was everywhere dripping off her chin and she was lovin’ every bit!

6 month picture by Mom