Fresh Jawjah peaches for a Ga princess..

Every now and again I will say to myself,” Even though I have 4 children… one never ceases to amaze me with something new.”

Some would say that all kids are the same, but they are not.

Take my oldest for example. when he was a baby he loved to eat. Baby cereal by the bowlfuls, and jars of food, you name it he ate it. On top of that as he grew into a toddler he would forgo the utensils and shovel hand over fistfuls of food into his mouth. We could sit and watch him eat for our dinner entertainment. He still loves to eat my almost 11 year old tween. As the three boys get older I might have to take out a loan or plant a serious garden to feed them.

Now my baby girl is the COMPLETE opposite.

Most doctors say that it is okay to start your baby eating rice cereal at 4 months. Baby girl was having no part of rice cereal. No matter how I mixed it, breast milk, formula, apple juice, cold or hot,  It didn’t matter. She didn’t want it.

So I held off. She is getting everything she needs from me anyway. Baby food is just to teach her how to eat for now. It’s not for a nutritional value.

Month 5 rolled around and this time we tried baby oatmeal. And well she liked it okay but only if I mixed it with pears and a small amount of bananas.

At 5 and a half months we were eating at a Mexican restaurant one day and she was eying the guacamole. So I thought she would like to try some of the avacado.

She loved it!  She loved Black beans too. Both of which are not bad for her. Again she wasn’t getting any more than maybe a teaspoon total of both but the fact was, was that she was eating something.

Here we are at 6 months, and Baby girl has tried rice and oatmeal cereal. Jarred green beans, applesauce, bananas, pears, squash, and sweet potatoes.

Her favorite in that category would be green beans, and pears.

She has also tried and loved to pieces, avocado, black beans, black-eyed peas, peaches, (fresh jaw-jah peaches, only the best!)  bananas. (All of these foods listed have been mushed up by me and not from the jar.)

I think baby girl is trying to tell me something. She wants the real deal.  None of this pansy food from a jar. She is a princess and they only eat the real stuff.

Yes I KNOW that jarred baby food is the real deal, but you try telling her that!

On a side note. Baby girl ate a real Georgia peach today and cried when it was all gone. There is nothing sweeter than watching your little peach eat her first peach. It was everywhere dripping off her chin and she was lovin’ every bit!

6 month picture by Mom


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