Dear Bella, month 4

Dear Isabella,

You have grown by leaps and bounds since I last wrote you. If I could trap time, I would. You are changing so much everyday, sometimes it is hard for me to keep up.

When you were born you weighed a tiny 6lbs 2.4ozs.

Now…16lbs 2ozs. You are such a chubby baby and I love every roll of baby fat!

I would say that you use to never smile and you sat and studied our faces with such an expression and wonderment, but I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth.

You have smiled at me from week one. Now there is something else behind that smile.

A little personality. You know just how to make Mommy stop what she is doing with a little excited squeal.

You know that I will come running even with the house turned upside down to watch you explore your feet and suck on your tiny toes.

You love your feet by the way. In the past month you have had your feet in your mouth for more than 5 hours a day. It’s precious.

I love watching the way you wait with baited breath for your Daddy to look at you from across the room. And when he does you have the biggest smile on your face. I can see you are in love.  You love to wrap your tiny fingers into his beard and rub his face and nuzzle his neck to find just the right spot to fall into a deep sleep. I have always wanted to see a baby girl with her daddy. I have heard rumor of how a girl loves her daddy like no other, and you do not disappoint.

Lately you have learned how to hold onto toys, hair,(which your brothers have been very patient with the hair pulling you do!) and faces. I love the way you hold your hands up on my cheeks when I lean down to give you a kiss, and the way your eyes get all squinty when my hair tickles the side of your face.

I say everyday, (because your Daddy reminds me that I do) that I am still in awe that you are in our lives I cherish every day we have with you and am so looking forward to seeing what every new day bring to us with you in our lives.


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