Dear Bella, Month 6

Dear Isabella,

Let me start by saying six months is such a magical age. You play now, really play. You love to explore every thing around you. I can see your little mind forming with every grasp of the phone, mouse, and anything electronic.

We have hit so so many milestones this week I’m almost too excited to get them all typed out! I don’t want to forget anything, not one tiny piece of information.

This week we went for your 6 months check-up.

Stats:  Weight- 18lbs

Length- 26.5 inches long

You played with the doctor and nurses, and giggled when the Doctor tickled you. You have won our Doctor over so much that she can’t help but sneak in a few kisses during your appointment. You love this. She goo-goo-ed over your pink toenails, and you pulled her stethoscope out of her ears with your kung-fu like grip.

She said you are perfect in every way.

But I knew that.

On Monday(6-21) you started saying Da-Da. This has melted your Daddy’s heart. I knew it would .  He plays with you and you Da-da-da-da to him and sure you might NOT be saying Daddy but I won’t dash his dreams.

Also this week you have decided that if you are sitting I your bed close enough to the rail you will pull yourself up to standing.


Unfortunately, the only way for you to get back down is to fall. Oh you don’t mind, unless I’m watching then turn on the water works! I just help you stand back up and all is right with the world.

We are also working on our crawling skills. Sure you can scoot across the floor on your belly,  but every now and then I’ll catch you up on all fours rocking back and fourth trying your best to get in motion.

All I can say is Watch out Rhett! You are going to be chasing him all over this house in no time.

You love cheerios and real bananas. You tried some Mashed Potatoes this week and gobbled them up and had a treat of a piece of Watermelon tonight and drained it of any liquid it contained.

…and tonight you did something that none of your brother did at 6 months of age.

You cut your first tooth. It’s not highly visible yet, but I can feel it cut on my knuckle as you chew away.

Baby girl, how Mommy loves you so! You light up my life in so many ways.  Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any happier you came in and filled me with light and life and an abundance of love.

Six months is such a wonderful beautiful age and I can’t WAIT to see what the next months have to offer!


One thought on “Dear Bella, Month 6

  1. she is too adorable for words.
    I can’t wait for my little girl. Its been so long since I’ve been through those milestones.
    You and Bella were my hope when I went into that apt to see if it was a boy or girl.
    Now I can’t wait to see her face, and go through all those!
    Happy 6 mo. Bella Beautiful!

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