I follow directions well.

I have been wanting to get Bella a tutu for a while now. Yes, I will probably buy her one that’s super awesome, but first I wanted to try and make one for her by myself.

So I went to Michael’s,(the only craft store around here) and stocked up on tulle, elastic, and ribbon.

To make this tutu I bought:

– 3 rolls of tulle. 6in x 25 yards.

-2 rolls of ribbon. One roll was 1/8″  (3mm) thick, and the other was1/4″ (7mm) thick. To be totally honest I picked up the thinnest ribbon that matched the tulle color that was cheap.  It was 50 cents.


First I cut the tulle the length I wanted it. since Bella is only 7 months old I didn’t need the tutu to be too long so I cut my tulle to be 20 inches long.

I found something around my house that measured about that length, (in my case it was a picture frame, you can use a top to a storage box. ) and wrapped the tulle around it until I had used all the tulle up.

Then I cut one side off the frame leaving me with one long length.

I folded the tulle to make it even and cut it in half at the fold.

There I had a stack on tulle all the same length that I wanted. 20 inches.

Next I measured Bellas waist and cut the elastic to fit. Which was 15 inches.

I sewed it together. (I don’t have a sewing machine so I did it by hand.)

Now I needed something that was round to put the elastic around so I could make the tutu on it. My huge box of oatmeal worked fine. Maybe you could use an industrial can of beans or maybe a big can of coffee. Hey, people have big cans of beans sitting around don’t they?

Next we thread the tulle through the elastic and make sure it’s even. Knot it. Not too tight at first so you don’t stretch the elastic. The second knot can be tighter.  So a two knot total.  That’s a lot of knot words!

You can make a one colored tutu or multi colored. I chose to make a two colored one. I tied four pieces of tulle in pink and then four in purple until the elastic was full. I ended up only cutting up 2 of the rolls of tulle and still had enough left over for maybe one more.

To add ribbon embellishments I just cut the ribbon the same size (20in). I ties pink ribbon in the middle of the purple tulle and purple ribbon in the middle of the pink tulle.

If you want you can go around and cover the elastic with some tulle. Just measure out a piece of tulle to about 80in. Tie it onto the elastic and knot it to the length of the other tulle. Take the longer piece and wrap it around the elastic in between each knot around the entire tutu until you get back to were you started. Knot it off and cut it to match the length of the tutu.

There you have it! A beautiful and inexpensive tutu for your little princess!


Seven years of Wyatt.

July 2, 2003

The day Wyatt came into the world.

There are things I remember that day.

I was scared.

I hoped I would love this child I was about to give birth to

as much as I loved his brother.

Then he was placed on my belly after an uneventful



Just as soon as he took his first breath

I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

July 2, 2004

Wyatt’s First Birthday

This day I also remember many things.

It was hot, and humid.

Wyatt’s hair was a mass of curls all over his head.

Just like his Daddy.

He walked around taking everything in.

There was such a serious look on his face.

Then cake!

Oh how he loved the cake!

My baby was growing up.

July 2, 2005

Wyatt turned 2.

He loved the Wiggles so much.

That was the only way we survived our 12 hour trips from Virginia

for family visits.

I didn’t know the top 10 on the radio that year

but I could sing The Wiggles in my sleep.

His personality was glowing

he was infectious to be around.

July 2, 2006

Wyatt turns 3!

This picture was taken when we still lived in


By now, Wyatt was running

full tilt

All. The. Time.

We just found out Chris was getting the job he wanted in Ga

and that we were expecting our 3rd baby.

Wyatt still surprised us daily with his humor.

July 2, 2007

Wyatt is 4!

He is such a wonderful big brother.

Loves to hold his baby brother,

and can help me

without complaining.

Potty humor

is what he loves,

along with Thomas the Train,

and The Happy Elf.

When Wyatt sees the camera

he is always up for a little photo op.

July2, 2008

Wyatt turns 5!

This is the year Wyatt goes into Kindergarten.

Kindergarten didn’t know what hit it.

In this year Wyatt was

burned with a hot glue gun,

Made to stand in line,

given a black-eye,

(courtesy of a head on collision with another child)

and lost.


No other child made more of an impression on their teacher

than Wyatt did.

July 2, 2009

Six years old!

We survived Kindergarten and are getting ready for

First Grade!

This birthday hold so many fond memories.

The only thing Wyatt wanted for his birthday was a gumball machine.

He was ecstatic to get one.

The gum didn’t last long.

We had him a birthday dinner with Chris’s family

at a Japanese restaurant.

Wyatt caught a shrimp in his mouth,

with a little help from his Grammy.

He is definitively

the life of the party!

July 2, 2010

Wyatt is seven years old today.

He is going into the 2nd grade this year.

He loves Sly the Fox, and Mario.

Sponge Bob is a close second.

There has never been a person who didn’t like

You can’t NOT like him.

His personality is contagious

as are his blue eyes.

He loves with all of his heart and

plays with all of his being.

He is my heart

My second born.

I love him to the Moon

and back.

Growing by leaps and Bounds!

Happy Birthday Wyatt!