Connecting with Family one card at a time.

I lived most of my life in the same town.

By most of my life I mean until I turned 23, had a child that was almost 3 years old, and had been married for 3 years.

When my husband was offered a job in Washington, Dc we jumped at the chance to try something new!

So off we went, two twenty- somethings and a baby, moving far, far away from anything we knew, and family we loved.

This meant that we would now be keeping in touch with each other via the telephone and snail mail. (Few of our family members were in on the whole internet thing at that time.)

So I started a tradition with my little family. Every Christmas I would take a picture of my kids by the Christmas tree, and have the best picture made into a Christmas card.

I myself love getting a good ol’ Christmas card in the mail. I mean sure we have e- mail, and yes a few less paper trails would be nice, but there has got to be something said about receiving a letter in the mail from someone you love.

As my family has grown, so have the Christmas cards I send. Over the past couple of years I have been including a family letter with my photocard, so that those who are close to us in heart and mind, but not so much in miles have the opportunity to feel close to us for the few minutes that they are reading our letter and looking over a picture of the kids.

When we had our last child this past December, I came across Shutterfly, while entering in Pampers points on the Pampers website. I knew I had to get some birth announcements for the baby so I thought I’d use a coupon given to me for my pampers points. (Because lets face it, as a Mom of  four, I’m all for saving where I can.)

I chose a design I absolutely fell in love with, added a picture I took of Bella and awaited with much anticipation for the announcements to come in the mail.

In no time at all, my announcements, were in my mailbox all packaged to perfection. I was so excited to open my yellow stationary type box they were sent in!

I was not disappointed. The cards were made of a heavy card stock, and the colors were bright and made the picture that I took myself look professional.

So it should come to no surprise that I would choose Shutterfly for my Christmas cards as well!

Their 2010 Christmas Card collection is awesome! I already have so many ideas I don’t know which to pick!

I really love this one for a couple of reasons, 1) How cool would a top ten count down of our year be?!?!? 2) I can also pick which three pictures that I like the best to add to the card.


This is another option as well, save me the time it would take to print out the family letter!


I’m a whimsical card type of person so these next few cards are right up my ally!

(*because I love a little sparkle, maybe I could add a little glitter to a few snowflakes on that tree???)



Now sometimes I feel like Classic is the best way to go and I just adore these:





Now with all these choices how will I ever decide???

* On a side note, I love Shutterfly. I am also one who shares a good secret as well. You want quality then go with Shutterfly, and you won’t be disappointed . Of course this is my opinion solely, I only think for myself. *

Also are you a blogger? Do you want to take part in Shutterfly’s promotion for 50 free holiday cards? Then go here and fill out the application to see if you too can participate. What do you have to lose?






4 thoughts on “Connecting with Family one card at a time.

  1. I like the top 10… But I also like the one with the monogram in the middle surrounded by photos!!
    I too send out Christmas cards… By snail mail!! Love it!

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