Everything I needed.

One year ago today I was waiting for something I thought would never come.

I had wished for this day so often that it was surreal.

I walked through half of 2009 in a dreamlike state.

I never get what I wish for.

This time I did.

In the form of a baby girl.

My daughter.

I never thought I would be able to say those two words. My. Daughter.

Here we are a year later and this precious being has created so much joy in our lives. I still find myself sitting and staring at her in disbelief.

I love the way she loves me. The way she will abandon everything to get to me. The way she smiles at me and nuzzles into my neck. The way she is comforted just by my voice and can fall in to the deepest of sleep in mere seconds as soon as she nestles down to nurse.

I love her delicate little girl features, and the slight tomboy features that I can see as she climbs onto everything! I love the way she carries her sparkly shoes around the house, and how excited she gets when I gush over how pretty she looks in her new shoes.

I love how much she looks like her Daddy, and how he is wrapped around her little finger.

Baby girl, you are everything I needed in my life when I didn’t know I needed it.  You have brought a different form of happiness into this house and it is a breath of fresh air.

Happy First Birthday my love.