He lost his blanket where????

Each of my children have a security blanket. Yes, even the almost 12 year old. His blanket is thread bare, yet when he is tired,  laying in his bed letting sleep fill his mind, he is twirling his blanket around his arm.

I started this when they were infants. I would always nurse them and rock them with the same blanket wrapped around them. Then one day they started dragging it behind them and couldn’t go anywhere without it. These blankets have a special scent about them, each their own, and when the owner smells it, a smile crawls over their face and they are in their happy place.

When Wyatt was about a year old we went on our family tour of the White House, and his trusty fuzzy blue blanket went with us. One of the small, (yet totally awesome) perks of Chris’s job was West Wing Tours. This particular tour was for my Dad who had come to visit for a week. We checked in, put our secret agent pass, (what Peyton called them) around our neck and off we went to explore the big house on the hill. We walked around the press lobby, listen to all the fun facts Chris had learned on the job, took pictures in the rose garden, and toured most of the west wing. The Oval Office isn’t as big as you think.

                                                                                                                                    (Wyatt and the blue blanket in the Press Lobby)

Wyatt and his fuzzy friend toured right along with us. Everything was fine and it was a memorable trip for my Dad. After we were home for about an hour I combed the house from one end to the other and could not find Wyatt’s blanket. As most parents know if a child has a security object not just any old replacement will do, so off Chris went back to the White House, back through the press lobby, searching on his hands and knees in the Oval office for this little blue blanket. Defeated that he couldn’t find it anywhere, he cross Pennsylvania Avenue in the freezing rain only to look up and see that little blue lovey sitting in a puddle in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue. It was a race to the finish with a homeless guy for it, but he did get it back!

Wyatt still sleeps with that little blue blanket. It may not be as soft as it once was and has an odd smell that I can’t get rid of, but one sniff of this little lovey makes Wyatt a happy child. He loves his blanket. It is a security to him, makes him feel safe.

This all came to mind today as I watch Isabella wander the house with her big pink blanket. As the boys are starting school tomorrow I wonder what kind of adventures we will get into with that big pink blanket tagging along behind her. I’m sure she will miss her brothers and that she will search the house for them for about a week, but I know if she gets upset by their absence, she can go love on her fuzzy pink friend and all will be right with the world.


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