Letting go, easier at 4 than at 32.

You woke early this morning even though it took you for-ev-er to go to sleep last night.

I know you were excited.

Our conversation this morning was mostly one sided as you jabbered away.

“Mom, mom, today I go to school. Can I wear my backpack?What is for breakfast?Please can I have goldfish bread for my sandwich?Good morning Wyatt, I SAID GOOD MORNING WYATT!!!!Mom Wyatt won’t say good morning. you have to be nice at school and say hey and good morning and you have to take a nap and don’t say dirty words and Mom am I going to play on the playground can I put on my shoes now?can we eat breakfast now, can I have orange juice?

I almost cried walking you to your class, but I didn’t want to seem like a big baby while you were being such a big boy.

As we got into your classroom you began to put away your thing and never looked back. I could have left right then and you would have been fine. I guess I stayed a little longer for myself as I wondered how you would do opening your juice at lunch, (even though we practiced it before) and if you would forget to eat because you are just taking it all in.

I left the class while you sat on the carpet with your teacher and classmates and I knew you would be fine. All along its me I’m worried about, and sure that is a little selfish, but you have been with me at home for 4 years. sometimes it’s harder for me to let go.


2 thoughts on “Letting go, easier at 4 than at 32.

  1. I remember the overwhelming feeling of letting go for Pre-K. I finally got back to my car where I could cry all by myself. I wanted to hold them in my arms forever…..but….on the other hand….maybe not. 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous! I wish Allison would have gotten into Pre-K. I’m hoping next year, Danielle will get in… I told Jason-if she gets in, all 3 are going back to school! I need a break! We’re attempting homeschooling this year… so much work-not sure I”m cut out for it! How are you doing-with only 1 at home!!! LUCKY!!! lol

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