Moving forward.

Just like that.

You were no longer a baby,  no longer connected to the last of something that tied you into the same category as your sister.

We’ve heard this before, (especially at dinner time) “I’m not a baby, don’t feed me like a baby.”

Yet you still held tightly to that tiny piece of babyhood by not letting go of the pacifier.

Anytime you were tired you would find that paci, get your blanket and come snuggle with me.

I love the snuggle time. I know these days are limited. There is no way I could get your 12 yr old brother to snuggle with me. He is too cool for that.

I love the smell of your hair as your head lays on my shoulder.

I love how you are still tiny enough to fit in the crook of my arm.

The other night you went to bed without your beloved paci. I didn’t even notice until I was on the way to bed myself. There, sitting on the counter, was one of the only two pacis you have left. I know the other one was in a basket in the kitchen, but this blue one sat all alone on the counter in the dark.

I knew that at some point during the night I would hear, “Mom, I can’t find my paci.”

But I didn’t. You never stumbled into my room at 3am wanting to snuggle after a bad dream, and I never heard you utter a word about the paci.

The next  morning, you woke bright and early and never looked back. When I asked you about it, you simply said, “I”m not a baby anymore. I don’t need it.”

And just like that. You weren’t.

You let go of that last bit of babyhood, and you did it on your own terms.

I know the “experts” say that a child shouldn’t have a paci after about a year.

I also know that your brother Wyatt let go of his on his own as well and it was a beautiful transition as well.

I will always say that letting a child let go of something they hold a particular attachment to on their own terms is the best way to go.

No child has ever taken their pacifier to college .

I’m loving watching you grow right now.

I love seeing you letting go and moving forward.

I wish I could handle is as beautifully as you do.




In the blink of an eye.

With every child we have

I am in awe every time another birthday rolls around.

and Rhett’s birthday was no exception.

I can’t believe that he is 5.

it seems like just yesterday he was:

just a newborn.

Then like that he was:

no longer a newborn.

One Year had past.

He was a walking bundle of soft squishy love.

He only had 2 teeth

and a smile that could

make the Grinch’s heart grow 10 times bigger!

Then this happened:

He was 2.

As you can see all those teeth he was missing

came in full force and he didn’t complain,

not one time.

Rhett never experienced

The terrible 2’s.

He went through

the terriffic twos!

Yet another year flew by

we welcomed a baby sister and Rhett welcomed:

Being 3!

Rhett has now come into his own

big time.

He has mastered being the typical

Little brother,

and the potty.

His favorite past time was stomping his feet and throwing a tantrum

but he was the best big brother to his baby sister.

He could fetch a diaper like a pro,

and still try to play his brothers DS.

Another year flew out of our window leaving in it’s place

a million memories of Rhett at the age of 3.


He turned 4!

Being 4 years old means you are no longer looked at like a baby

but more as a big boy.

You can tell a mean knock, knock joke and

pronounce “Orange Juice”

like “Are-Gen-juice”

You have always loved taking your brothers to school and this was the year that Rhett was finally able to attend.

How he has blossomed!

I never thought for one second

that Rhett wouldn’t thrive.

He is so bubbly and personable

you can’t not like him.

Rhett became a playmate for Wyatt this past summer

where they bonded over Legos and


Rhett still wakes in the middle of the night to come snuggle with his mama.

Most night I don’t mind at all.

And like I’ve said throughout this entire post:

The year flew by.


He is 5 years old today!

Rhett told me this morning as soon as he laid eyes on me

“Mom! It’s my birthday today!”

He also said as we walked out the door headed to school,

“Mom, don’t you dare tell Mrs. Harper it’s my birthday,

I’ll do that.”

So I said,

“Yes Sir Mr. 5 year old!”

He is spunky and handsome,

wild and sneaky.

He has a mad passion for all things Mario,

but still has a soft spot for his Mama.

I love this handsome little rascal to the moon and beyond.

He is going to break some hearts one day.

He is already breaking mine

by growing up too fast.