It’s all a blur…

I never really understood the saying, “Time Flies” until I had children.  Nowadays I find myself remembering in years rather than in weeks, days, seconds as I did when I was a child. I think time can put things into perspective, yet make you lose your breath.


I remember the day I started dating Chris, 17 years ago. To help draw a picture, my baby brother who is now 25, was a mere 8 years old. Chris and I were fresh out of High School and living a summer of freedom. He was a boy scout camp counselor, and I was, well, a graduate waiting for my next adventure. He swept me off my feet and the rest was history.



17 years.

2 years after we started dating, we got married. I remember the day well. I got dressed in the back of my grandmothers grand old farm house. We got married at the little home town church I grew up in (while I was with my Dad) and it wasn’t anything fancy. I had a bouquet of roses, because the florist looked at me crooked when I told her I wanted cala lilies, (because in 1999, a flower like that was hard to come by, *eye roll*). I wore a beautiful dress graciously purchased by my new mother-in-law, and my precious sister-in-law stood by my side.


We had no photographer. No cake. No first dance. At the time, none of that mattered, and I guess it still doesn’t, except we deserved to have it.




In the 15 years we have been  married we have done so many things. Moved to Dc with one child where we knew no one and had to rely on each other to get by.  In the 5 years we were there we welcomed another child to our little family, and Chris grew in his career. Chris was offered a job in Ga, and we decided it would be a great opportunity for him and for our family. Moving back to our home state meant we were closer to family.


In the next 8 years we have, added 2 more children to our now big family, Chris has taken a permanent job here in Ga and we bought a house. All of our kids will be in school this year, and a new adventure is before us. Every day is a new adventure. Every chapter in our lives is the start of something new.

My Family 032

To say that I have matured in these years would be an understatement. I grew up with Chris. We grew up together.  We have fought through the tough times and celebrated our victories. We have leaned on each other, and pulled one another out of the dark. When he was called to move forward in his career, I was there to support him. We have cried and rejoiced in the birth of our children, and held one another close as time had us say goodbye to grandparents. We have watched our siblings grow up, graduate, get married, and have children.

We have lived life. Lived life to the fullest.

hubby and me

7-28-08 012

3-13-08 030

I wouldn’t want to live life with anyone else. You rescued me from a life of unknown and showed me a future I had only dreamed of.  You make me laugh until it hurts and you make me cry happy tears. You have given me four of the most beautiful children, and strong arms to run to. We have always figured things out, even when those things were tough to swallow. Coming out on top is what we do best…together.

Time is light speed, the blink of an eye. I plan on enjoying every second of it, with you.


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