Changing of the Seasons, like the ebb and flow of the tides.

A blogger I read is having her 6th child.  I’m excited for her. Even though I only know of her through the words she puts on the screen, I genuinely love it when someone has a baby. New life and all.  I use to see a baby and could hear the clock ticking in my ears. for-get-about- it if I heard one cry, or HELD a tiny fresh outta the womb, smells like heaven baby.

Now in this, what I call new season of my life, I am not phased by babies anymore. Do I still talk baby talk when I see one, or goo-goo my friends babies? You bet. I am a mother after all. But my clock no longer ticks, I no longer have the urge to rock an infant, change diapers, or be up all hours of the night. (who has that urge anyway, to be up all hours of the night ? Unless you are a hungry infant or a teenager looking for trouble. I’ll stick with my ten o’clock bedtime thankyouverymuch)

In this new part of our lives we are now learning how to say the pledge, and write our name. We are running EVERYWHERE for a teenager, and listening lovingly to a first time trumpet player. We are reading chapter books and doing long division. We are using graphing calculators, learning about human geography, and how to march on the football field during halftime. We take fewer naps, but still snuggle. We are making new friends, new memories, and new plans .

We are ever growing and ever changing. Like the seasons and tides.

I myself and making big changes. I hope to show them to you soon.


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