I can’t believe it’s been 5 years.

I remember how I cried for 2 weeks when I found out I was pregnant

with our 4th child.

12-15-09 059

How could I split myself between 4?!?!

1-15-10 017-1

Somehow your heart just grows

and this new tiny person fits so perfectly into your heart

it’s like that space was saved for them.

Like they had always been in your life.


I remember when I brought her home.

A week she had to stay in the hospital.


When I was finally in our home her brothers gathered to see their baby sister.

Laying eyes on her for the first time and holding that memory of them

and the wonder and excitement they felt

will always be engraved in my memory.


She was so tiny.

6lbs, 1.2oz.

They were in awe.

Their lives were forever changed.

Meeting Santa2012 013-2

Tea parties, and pink.

Tutus and glitter.

Babies dolls, and lets play pretend,

Dancing, and twirling


She is so full of Sass and spunk,

energy and life.

Bellas 4 year pics 010

I watch her in her first year of school.

Making friends, learning to write her name

and again, I am in awe.

Today she turns 5.

Tomorrow, she rules the world.

Bella birthday morning 014


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