I just have a thyroid problem thats all.

We took Bella to the Pediatric Endocrinologist in Jacksonville yesterday. Their office is located in a children’s hospital. It was so colorful and had a huge train set up in the lobby for kids to play with. The train was encased in plexiglass and there were little buttons all around that you could press to make something inside of the box work. Rhett loved playing with it while I registered Bella.

Our appointment went well. She weighs 11lbs 4.6ozs. I can hardly belive that she has almost doubled her weight at only 7 weeks of age. The breast is treating her well I guess! The doctor came in and checked her over for any signs of hypothyroidism and as we thought, she didn’t show any symptoms of having it. Since her blood test at birth came back high and then when she was retested at 2 weeks of age it was still on the high side(even though only by 2 points) the doctors decided that they¬† agreed with our pediatrician to treat Bella like she has hypothyroidism(which is low thyroid) for the next 3 years. She will take medicine everyday that will replace her hormones that her thyroid makes. We will also be taking her to Jacksonville every three months to make sure she is growing adequately both mentally and physically. The doctor said he is 90 percent sure that by the age of three any issue she might have had would have worked itself out, but since 95 percent of your brain development is in the first three years of your life we are going to play it safe and treat her accordingly. That is fine with me. I’d rather be super cautious and know she is going to be fine than not and something be wrong with her.

So far she is taking her meds like a champ. I just crush up her pill and put it in a little breast milk and she drinks it down. The doctor said she was perfect,(I already knew that) and sent us on our way.¬† This isn’t anything we can’t handle. We will get to know the inner working of Jacksonville at least. Maybe find some awesome restaurants to eat at while we are on this journey with Bella. I have put all my faith in God knowing that he will help her through this.

I can tell you one thing. This whole thing has taught me to remember meds. I have always been horrible at remembering to take meds and have sometimes forgotten to give the boys meds because I’m so bad at it. Not any more. I have given her that medicine everyday since she started taking it, not missing one. Strangely I’m proud of that.