What a ride.

October 7, 1999


8lbs 15ozs


On this day 12 years ago

You stole my heart.

As soon as you took your first breath,

I knew you would do great things.

You had to have been the prettiest baby I’d ever seen, what, with your dark skin and hair

looking just like your daddy.

I have always heard people say,

time goes by too fast.

As a child I thought they were crazy.

It took forever for Christmas to get here, my birthday too,


It was slow.

But now?

Time Flies.

I finally get it.

It seems like it was just yesterday that you were having your first birthday

and here we are

celebrating your 12th.

I’m so proud of you.

My, almost-a-teenager-but-not-quite-yet.

You strive for excellence

and succeed.

I know you will move on to bigger things

GRAND things.

I thank God for allowing me to join you on your  journey.

So far?

It has been a crazy beautiful ride.

Happy Birthday

Christopher Peyton.